Four levels of safety

Crown food waste disposer is very safe. With proper installation and grounding,
you’ll never have to worry about anything. We provide as much as 4 main safety systems.

Breaker: The breaker cut off all the electricity when it is turned off, so the disposer won’t work. You can install the breaker wherever it is unreachable for children. The breaker also enhances the level of safety when you have to be away from home for a long time, too.

Airpump: At the sink, the airpump is used. The airpump uses the air pressure to press the disposer’s switch on. There’s absolutely no electricity from the disposer to the airpump. You won’t have to worry about the electricity leakage at all, although there’s water and moisture in the sink.

Stopper: The stopper is used to sweep all the food into the disposer, you won’t have to put your hand near the machine at all. When unused, the stopper can be pressed to the sink to prevent anything from falling into the disposer.

The disposing system on top: On the top of the disposer, the machine uses centrifugal force to crush the food wastes to the stationary ring before the pieces fell into small space down under. The food wastes then are fine grinded at the bottom part of the disposer again. There’re neither blades nor fans near the user’s hand at all.